Her Signature Turfs are HOT!

Her Signature Turfs are HOT!

Posted by allen on Aug 23rd 2021

We are so excited about the upcoming Athletes Unlimited Season which starts on August 28th.  These signature turfs were made because we believe our pros should be treated like pros.  We want to elevate the softball experience and that includes making sure signature shoes are part of our game too.

What her signature shoe says

Sam Fischer has made moves her entire softball career. She took the unusual step of playing for Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, becoming the first All-American Softball player in the school’s history. Sam could have gone to a more traditional softball school but fell in love with LMU. Sam has created her professional career with the unflappable focus on finding the next opportunity, no matter where it may take you.

Akron Racers. Scrapyard Fastpitch. California Commotion. Pro Softball in Japan. Athletes Unlimited.

The paint splatter effect that you see throughout her turf is our designer’s representation of the famous quote “[D]on’t get caught watching the paint dry” from the iconic movie Hoosiers. The quote means to take action and don’t take too long to make your move. Sam has been making moves her entire career.


There is so much uncertainty around professional softball. Are they playing this season? Is there a new league? Did I make the team?

Sam’s fellow Athletes Unlimited and RIP-IT ambassador Taylor Edwards wanted to celebrate the upcoming AU Season by incorporating all of the organization’s colors. When we re-upped Sam’s contract, it was clear that she would need her cleat for the upcoming Athletes Unlimited season as well.

Our designer Colleen went to work creating 4 wonderful designs. Later, our designer presented several designs and their meanings to Sam. She fell in love with the paint splatter concept and all that it represented.

Hot or Not

We sent out a survey to the community to see if you all agreed with Sam. Did you think her turf was HOT?

Over 84% thought Sam's turf design was HOT. We love this design. We love what it says. And we love what it represents.

Thank you for reading about Sam’s new shoe design for her upcoming Athletes Unlimited Season. We are excited to announce that Sam will also be participating in the Next Season Ambassador Program. The Next Season is our innovative brand ambassador program that includes a signature shoe deal, a signature apparel deal, and access to brand or career training that will help athletes get further, faster in their next business endeavors.

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