More Than a Game: Ringor x GA Power Part 3

More Than a Game: Ringor x GA Power Part 3

Feb 7th 2020

Sitting down with Head Coach of GA Power, Jose Tunon, we wanted to know more about the construct of the team. Jose is full of energy and passion. Having two daughters, one of which he has coached to now play at Georgia State University, Jose has coached travel ball for 11 years. As early as last year he took home the Canada Cup with his 18U team. The same girls each went on to play collegiate level softball.

With his youngest daughter following her sister’s footsteps, Jose is back at coaching in his second tour. When asked to talk about his team, the tone went directly to what the game does for his players, not what his players accomplish. The adversity in which his young players face can only be described as inspiring. Both Jose and Eric work tirelessly to push their players to be the best they can be by encouraging them to support one another and grow as a unit.

Jose Tunon

Head Coach, Jose Tunon connects with his athletes on a level further than the game. Jose is no stranger to high level competition. Playing for the Panamanian National Baseball Team and Collegiate Baseball he has domain knowledge of the game; yet Jose engages in the girls' lives beyond technical ability. Each of his players is developed socially, academically and professionally. “It is the beauty of the game it applies to every aspect of life! Shake a college coach's hand in the manner you would a hiring Human Resources representative. Commit to the game and work ethic and life becomes relatable.” Jose’s culture isn’t about managing teams, it's about building them and coaching. Deeply involved in keeping track of today's social media phenomenon is a process he adopts instead of shying away. “If you are going to connect with these young ladies, you need to adapt and evolve. It’s important to constantly be engaged. Creating a culture starts off the field, not on it. There is fun in everything, that is what these young minds need to see.”