Tips for Taking Your Dog Out to the Ball Game

Tips for Taking Your Dog Out to the Ball Game

Posted by Ringor on Jul 16th 2019

Team USA says that “more than 40 million people enjoy playing [softball] each summer.” Softball is clearly very popular among players and fans alike, but those who own dogs may not want to leave their pups at home every time they want to catch a game. Luckily, most ballparks are very dog-friendly, so you can bring your dog with you to games. If you want to get your dog out of the house this summer, here are some tips for taking your dog out to the ball game.

Bring Water

On a hot summer day, you’re not going to be the only one who needs water. Make sure you bring extra water for your four-legged friend. Bring an ice cooler to keep the water cold and a bowl so that your dog can hydrate during the game.

Bring Snacks or a Bone

Other items you should bring include some snacks or a bone so that your dog can enjoy themselves and keep up their energy. A treat might be a good idea if your dog is still a puppy, and a bone will occupy dogs that tend to run off.

Bring a Blanket

Depending on where you’re situated while you watch the game, you might want to bring a comfortable blanket for your dog to lay on. You’ll want them to have a nice place to lay, and a blanket can also keep your dog from getting dirty.

Find Shade

Dogs overheat more quickly than humans, so if possible, you’ll want to find some shade to keep them cool. Find a shady spot where your dog won’t melt in the sun.

Bring Booties

Hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paws, and softball dirt can cause allergic reactions. Ensure your dog’s protection by bringing along the proper footwear, such as dog booties.

Bring Plastic Bags

Don’t forget to pack plastic bags when you’re getting ready to bring your dog to a softball game. Your dog will probably have to go during the game, and you’ll need something with which to pick up the waste.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

One of the most important things you can bring on your excursion is a dog leash. There will be a lot going on in a public setting like a softball game, and you don’t want to risk your dog running off.

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