Night & day.

Night And Day

We asked parents what buying cleats was like before Ringor. And how it has improved after switching to Ringor. So many replied. Wow, what a game changer.

 switching to 

Our customers tried every namebrand they could find before switching to Ringor; Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Mizuno, etc.

Did those cleats work? Not even close. Here is what our customers said when we asked them how it felt to buy cleats for a top pitcher before they switched to Ringor:

“I was buying two to four pairs of Nike cleats per season”

“A couple of times, my daughter tore through her cleats in less than 2 days.”

“Her current cleat just started coming apart because of her toe drag.”

“We tried every namebrand we could find in the store. Nike, Under Armour, Mizuno, New Balance, and adidas all of them failed well before the season was done.”

“Her cleats came apart at the toe so fast that I was able to exchange them the first, second, and third time. On the fourth exchange Dick’s Sporting Goods told me they couldn’t offer another exchange. Of course the fourth pair also came apart a few weeks later.

“We were going through cleats every few months and my daughter’s feet were hurting after games.”

“Why am I having such a hard time finding cleats that last a season?”

“I tried adding a toe guard to her Nike spikes. It too came apart after a few weeks of tournaments.”

switching to 

Softball changed for the better once they switched to Ringor. 10 out of 10 customers now say their daughter’s cleats last more than a season, 8 out of 10 say they are more comfortable when pitching, and 9 out of 10 say their daughter pitches with more power.

Here’s what customers said when we asked them what changed for the better since switching to Ringor:

“I no longer run around trying to find cleats last minute.”

“My daughter’s cleats are lasting more than two seasons”

“I notice she is more explosive off the mound. Her pitching coach said she is throwing at least 1MPH harder”

“I’m saving money. Between two daughters who pitch I was buying 4-6 pairs of cleats a season. Now just one pair each.”

“My daughter looks and feels like a legit pitcher out there.”

“I massage her feet after the game because she likes it, not because she needs it.”

“Her toe glides through the clay while toe dragging.”

We’ve solved the pitching cleat problem for tens of thousands of parents already. Try a pair today and see how well they work for your daughter.

Oh, did we mention we offer

free returns and exchanges?

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