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Ringor women's footwear runs consistently a ½ size smaller than other athletic shoes.

For example, if your most common athletic shoe size is a women's size 8 - we encourage you to order a Ringor size 8.5. When determining your Ringor shoe size, we suggest basing it off of your “most common athletic shoe size”.


Q: What is the size conversion between Ringor youth and women’s sizes? 

To convert your youth size to a women’s size, simply add 2 sizes.
Ex. Ringor youth size 4 = Ringor women’s size 6

Q: What is the size conversion between Ringor men’s and women’s sizes? 

To convert your women’s size to a men’s size, simply subtract 2 sizes.
Ex. Ringor women’s size 9 = Ringor men’s size 7

Q: How does Ringor men’s sizing fit? 

Ringor’s men’s footwear runs true to size. We suggest you use your “most common athletic shoe size”.

Q: Should I order the same size in my Ringor cleats, spikes, and turfs? 

The majority of our athletes order the same size across all styles of Ringor footwear. However, it is not uncommon to move up a half size in your turf shoes if you feel like your cleats are slightly snug.

Q: What is the difference between Ringor ½ sizes? 

The difference between each ½ size is ¼” or 4mm in length.

Q: How much room should I have for my toes in Ringor cleats? 

Ringor recommends that you have a “thumb’s width” (approx ¾”) from the end of the cleats to your longest toe. However, sizing is based on your personal fit preference.

Q: How do I know my Ringor cleats fit properly? 

When laced up all the way through the top eyelet, your foot should not slide on the insole and your heel should not slip out while walking or running. This would indicate the shoes are too big. However, if your toes are touching the end of your shoes they are most likely too small.

Q: Will Ringor cleats “stretch”? 

Determining if your shoe will stretch depends on the style of cleats you purchased.

The Diamond Dynasty models (Spikes) are made of a genuine leather that will stretch and mold to your foot. The natural give to the leather will provide a more comfortable fit for a wider foot.

The Flite models (Cleats, Spikes, Turfs) and Dynasty Youth cleats are made of a synthetic leather that will retain its original shape. The width of these styles will not expand with wear.