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How to Encourage Athletes to Drink Water

How to Encourage Athletes to Drink Water

Posted by Ringor on Sep 23rd 2019

There are a lot of unhealthy drinking options available for young athletes, which can affect their performance. One of the easiest ways for athletes to invest in their health and bodies is to drink water. In 2017, over half of tenth graders participated in school sports, and with so many young athletes out there, they need to know the importance of hydration. As a parent or coach, learn how to encourage athletes to drink water.

Don’t have soda around the house

The first move you should make to encourage athletes to drink water is to get rid of any sugary drinks in your home. By doing this, the temptation to fill up a glass of soda won’t exist, and this will encourage them to drink water instead.

Teach them the importance of water

Another way to get your child or player to drink more water is to teach them how important it is to stay hydrated. Educate them on how drinking water will help avoid injuries, such as cramps, and can even improve performance on the field.

Get a cool water bottle

Drinking from a plain, plastic water bottle can become tiresome, and it can cost more money over time. The constant need to always spend money on water bottles can also take away from all the expensive equipment you need to buy, such as girls softball cleats. Invest in a cool and durable water bottle, and stop paying for single-use ones.

Have it available during games

During a game, when your athlete puts in all the hard work, they’ll need water to stay hydrated. If you have it available in a water cooler during games, your athlete can easily access this necessary part to their performance. They’ll also be less tempted to grab a soda at the concession stand to quench their thirst.

Set consumption goals

Setting personal goals is also a good way to build a new habit—it keeps you invested along the way. It’s recommended you drink half of your body weight in ounces, so athletes should keep a water bottle with them all day long. Try to have your child meet those goals and challenge themselves. Once they get used to it, then drinking water all the time will become a healthy habit.

Get quality water

The final way you can try to get an athlete to drink water more often is to have high-quality water available. If you have quality water in your area, then you don’t need anything besides what comes from the tap. There are many areas, however, that don’t have access to quality water. Invest in a water purifier, and if needed, you can add lemon and other fruit to the water. This will make it more appealing while retaining its nutritional value.