More Than a Game: Ringor x GA Power Part 1

More Than a Game: Ringor x GA Power Part 1

Posted by Ringor on Feb 3rd 2020

Stats have meaning. We all know it. Although stats hold their importance in the books, it takes a special coach and a dedicated group of players to understand that it’s not just numbers on a page that make a team. A team is more than the outcome of a series of games, and a player is more than her numbers on the stat sheet. Ringor knows the support and family that softball brings to many girls, and our teams are no exception. Jose at GA Power Fastpitch expands on this concept in the spotlight of his team, which has found sanctuary within their softball family, proving that it truly is more than just a game.

Based in Woodstock, GA, the GA Power - Tunon (2022/23) - Gold team is located in the heart of the South. It is a brand known to keep its ranks small and to place all of its energy into building a well-rounded person and student of the game. 

In this short video, these girls and coaches open up about the personal impacts of their team and the game of softball. Stay tuned for future installments of our collaboration with GA Power to further learn about the connections and support they've gained from their teammates.

More Than a Game: GA Power x Ringor from Ringor on Vimeo.

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