RIP-IT Announces 5 Signature shoe and apparel deals for Softball Players

RIP-IT Announces 5 Signature shoe and apparel deals for Softball Players

Posted by allen on Apr 27th 2021

Signature shoe and apparel deals for elite male athletes coming out of college have been a mainstay of elite level athletics for decades. Women athletes are rarely given the same opportunities. More specifically, softball athletes have never been given an opportunity to partner with a brand in such a comprehensive way. For whatever reasons, brands have decided that softball players are not worth the effort. 

We believe it’s time to change that. Softball players should have the opportunity to reap more rewards on and off the field for their hard work. As a result, this summer, RIP-IT will be offering 5 signature shoe and apparel deals to successful collegiate softball athletes who have recently completed their college careers. Together, we will help close the opportunity gap for women athletes.

To be clear, this isn’t just another endorsement deal. In addition to their signature shoe and apparel deals, the 5 softball athletes will take part in The Next Season, a career and brand accelerator program that is designed to get softball players further, faster after they are done playing in college. The Next Season will equip our athletes with business competencies and soft skills essential to succeed in pursuit of their dreams. We are committed to supporting our softball athletes wherever their passions lead them. Whether players want to pursue a pro career, start their own business, create a non profit, or find a regular job, we’ll be there with decades of industry experience to support them along the way. 

How can you participate? Vote.

Click here to vote for your favorite college softball player.


April 28 - May 31

  • Submit the name for your favorite college softball player you believe deserves a signature shoe and apparel deal
  • Tell a friend who hasn’t voted yet to do the same thing (one email address = one vote)


June 2

  • Top 10 finalists are announced

June 14

  • 5 Signature Shoe and Apparel deals will be announced

How it works

  • If you’re not subscribed, become an email subscriber
  • Vote for your favorite player
  • RIP-IT will select players on a number of factors including community votes, value alignment, player availability, etc.
  • June 14 -> We begin the work of building products that represent our players and their stories that will be designed to inspire you
  • June 14 - > We begin the work of helping our players build their next opportunities on and off the field

We believe that softball players are just getting started after college. Sports has given the women who play them the mental and physical tools to be successful at any endeavor. With your continued support, we can create more opportunities for women athletes.  Softball players are destined to become the leaders in our communities and our businesses and we look forward to being part of their story.

Click here to vote for your favorite college softball  player.



Players eligible to receive a signature shoe and apparel deal must have played their last collegiate game prior to being signed by a brand.  We will be selecting players who have completed their college careers in the following years: 2019, 2020, or 2021.  Per the NCAA:  NCAA rules forbid student-athletes to agree, orally or in writing, to be represented by an agent or organization in the marketing of his or her athletic ability or reputation until after the completion of the last intercollegiate contest, including postseason games.