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Flite Spike - Snow Leopard


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Be You Signature Collection

Why a Leopard?  

I thought about the spots on them. The entire leopard family has spots on them. Everyone has pieces of their story that make them who they are now.  Things that happened in middle school, high school, college, and even yesterday that make me who I am right now.  How could I incorporate those moments into this collection?  

I love being me.  I love not caring what other people think.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in that.  So much so, that you’re not your genuine self.  A couple of years ago, I just decided to stop caring about what other people think. I wanted to really live and not live like a zombie in this world trying to please other people.  

I really like the spots thing. Each spot is different.  Just like every moment in your life is different. They transform you into who you are.  You are forever changing.  That’s how the name of my collection, Be You, came up.  Let each individual spot on the shoe represent something that you want it to be. 


For a proper fit Ringor recommends you order a half (1/2) size larger than your every day athletic shoe size.

Speed. Agility. Quickness. In softball speed matters. At Ringor our goal is to provide each player with the edge they need to perform at their best. The new FLITE softball cleat was designed to give you a quick first step. Never has there been a softball cleat that combines this much lightweight comfort with the durability you have come to expect from Ringor. Take FLITE this season as you round the bases.

 Flite Spike

Outsole: TPU Cleat
Upper: AeroLite
Insole: Removable Anti Odor 
Midsole: Full-Length EVA


Ringor shoes are made specifically for women. For a proper fit Ringor recommends you order a half (1/2) size larger than your every day athletic shoe size.

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