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Women's Training Shorts 2 in 1 - Warrior


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Warrior Signature Collection

Why did you pick Arkansas?

It was far from home.  I’m going to go wherever I can get a full ride, get money, and afford school. The biggest thing for me was to go somewhere I know I could be on my own and be successful on my own.  Arkansas was in a small college town. I loved Coach Deifel and everything she was trying to do to build a program there. It was an SEC school.  It was a small college town.  I loved everything about it.  It didn’t matter how good we were going to be.  When I started talking to Coach Deifel about it, I knew it was going to be a challenge.  I realized that this was going to be challenging and that’s what I liked about it.  That’s what I really loved about Arkansas. By picking this school, It was forcing me to do something different and to be something different.  

Why Red?

The red was similar to Razorback Red.  It wasn’t the same as Razorback red.  The red represents where I spent the last four years.  It was meant to represent Arkansas.  I wanted to continue to represent Arkansas through the collection.



Product Description

 2 and 1 Built in Compression Short

  • Outer Shell
  • 88% Poly | 12% Spandex
  • Inner Compression Short
  • 75% Nylon |25% Spandex

Product Benefits

  • Designed to be super comfortable and offer booty coverage while training, especially doing those squats.
  • Made with the good stuff; durable, 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking, anti-abrasion treatment to lengthen the life of the fabric.
  • You’ll feel more confident with built-in, machine-washable, anti-microbial period protection for those heavier days.
  • Inner compression shorts with side drop-in pockets to hold your phone and keys.

Product Features

  • Buil in pocket
  • Period Protection
  • Built in drawcord


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